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Temple Run Fans First Gameplay

We asked Temple Run fans if they could remember the first time they've played Temple Run, and this is what they said.

Ryan Dixson - I was browsing games on the App Store and I had seen the Temple Run app icon on the Top 10 list a few times but never considered it until one-day I thought to check it out. I downloaded it and loved it! It was easy to learn and was very fun! I played it everyday for probably a year or two and came back years later when I got a new phone. After all that time, I still enjoy it and it's definitely one of my recommended games in the mobile game world.

Mauro Alessandro - We didn't have smartphones or tablets back then. My aunt gave my sister a tablet and Temple Run was on there. We loved it instantly, we played and played, beating each others high scores. It was the first android game I've played, and that's why I love it so much. Unfortunately, the tablet broke and we lost our game. Years have passed, and I purchased a smartphone. I then remembered the game. I searched and found Temple Run 2!

David Jenks - First time I played Temple Run was a few years ago. I was thrilled when Temple Run 2 came out! The first time I played it, I was on the john and played so long that my behind and legs went numb. I ignored a few calls and to say, I was hooked!

Marsha Kirk - Came home from work stressed out and loaded Temple Run. I found it to be a great way to destress.

Shibil Mohammed - My first Temple Run experience was a race with my sister to break her high score. She had a huge 7 digit score and I was supposed to break it. That's the first time I played the game. She'd been playing it for quite some time. This happened over 6 years ago. It took me over 15 days of humiliation and defeat to cross her score. But, it was a happiness short lived as she surpassed me within hours. It was another one of our thousands of rounds of Temple Run challenges, which lasted for years until we separated for college life. So, Temple Run reminds me of the good times we had together and the best moments me and my little one shared together.

Intern Letter to Imangi Studios

Hey Imangi Studios,

You rock.

This wasn't "just a summer internship" for me. This wasn't just letting some college kid try out a career or get something to tack on to his resume. It's been my dream to work on video games for quite some time now, which means that's what happened here, this summer was a dream becoming reality. That light at the end of the tunnel which has shone so far in the distance all these years - I was finally able to bask in it. It may have only been a short while but that short while has already felt like years, as if I was exactly where I belonged.

This experience has been incredibly valuable to me and I'm glad I got to spend it with all of you! I'm fortunate to have been able to be here for these three months and I appreciate all the lessons I've learned; and the professional and personal growth I've experienced in such a short amount of time. I'm ineffably grateful to those in charge who are responsible for this wonderful opportunity and for choosing me for the position - and I'm even more appreciative to have the opportunity to continue my time here as I return back to school!

I must also take the time now to note too that I likely would never have even heard of this position if it hadn't been for a particularly valuable resource I'd like to call attention to: the North Carolina State University Video Game Development Club. I've personally discovered that this organization is a wonderful opportunity for students with a passion for game development to find each other, work together, and meet industry professionals both through a growing network of relationships with various studios (including Imangi 😉) and through our awesome Guest Speaker events.

Thank you all so much for helping me fulfill my dreams here. Let's work together to inspire more aspiring video game engineers, artists, designers, and developers to pursue their dreams, too!

Your proud co-worker,

DJ Schilens

Play Test in Raleigh, NC

Fans have helped shape Temple Run in many ways. Imangi Studios is always looking at what the community enjoys and most recently, the studio conducted a Play Test. Twelve individuals with different play styles and interest, joined the Play Test in Raleigh, North Carolina on May 10th and 11th. Imangi is excited to continue their passion with a proven players first approach.

Imangi Studios at ECGC 2018

Imangi Studios attended the East Cost Game Conference (ECGC) in Raleigh, NC to showcase Temple Run 2 and to meet their fans. Receiving hundreds of sign-ups for an upcoming Play Test that will take place on May 10th - 11th, 2018.

Temple Run Creators Plot Growth in Raleigh

7 years ago Imangi Studios relocated from Washington, DC to Raleigh, NC and couldn't be more satisfied with their decision. At that time, Shepherd and his wife, Natalia Lukyanova, were a two-person operation. In 2014, they have double the headcount and today, they have grown to 32 employees. The continued success of the Temple Run franchise keeps the growth coming.